Hi there! My name is Daniel and I’m a photographer located in Bucharest, Romania.

I started experimenting with photography as a kid, using smartphones and digital compact cameras, but it got more serious the moment I bought my first DSLR and people started noticing my talent. A few years went by, and after a lot of events, upgrades and hard work I’m still the same passionate photographer, only now I’m better at at doing what I love, which is capturing the best moments in people’s lives.

I think of my biggest advantage is that I’m really passionate about what I do and for me even the smallest details counts.  Whether I’m shooting a wedding, a family in the park or a boudoir photo shoot I always try to give my best every time so I can capture the special, the fun or romantic moments which cannot be described in words.

I’m passionate about IT, gaming and I love traveling and meeting new people. Even though I love all animals, I’m a cat person  😀